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Introducing the new machine

boxlogix are pleased to announce the launch of REHYDR8.NOW, a new healthy drinks vending machine offering your customers a tempting and eye-catching range of over 30 delicious beverages. From branded smoothies, pure fruit juices and flavoured milk drinks through to Vittel and Buxton bottled waters, your customers can quench their thirst when and where they need it. And not only do the drinks taste great, they're good for them too!

A range of glass fronted machines

REHYDR8.NOW is a top of the range glass fronted machine, with a highly visible shop front display which allows customers to see the whole product range at a glance.

It has an inbuilt chiller system to deliver drinks at the perfect temperature and idetect technology, providing a guaranteed vend system.

boxlogix supply a range of drink and snack vending machines to suit our customers requirements. Once your machine is installed, select from our extensive product list and our friendly customer service team will arrange delivery of your order direct to your machines location.

A novel approach to vending in schools

Since our launch in December 2006, boxlogix have supplied a wide range of healthy products to hundreds of schools, colleges and leisure sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

We’ve recently been working alongside a local high school who have taken a novel approach the way they use vending to reward students.

The Lancashire-based school hadn’t had any vending facilities for over a year and they recently took a REHYDR8.NOW machine part of a trial. The machine, which offers flavoured milks, fruit juices, water and smoothies, proved to be an instant success with the pupils.

The school’s P.E specialist saw the student’s interest in the machine as an opportunity to encourage more of the teenagers to get involved in the school’s extensive extra-curricular sports programme.

The machine is now being used as an incentive to encourage students to attend the PE clubs. Participants in the sports activities are allowed to access the machine at any time of day, whereas other pupils have more restricted use. The profits from the machine are fed back into the PE budget to pay for minibuses and referees.

The school’s P.E specialist said:

“When pupils taste a product and like it, they spread the word amongst their friends and this really helps to increase uptake”

“As a result of this scheme, we have seen a good increase in the number of students attending the after-school sport clubs”.

Taste trials

It goes without saying that consumers want great tasting products from their vending experience – and that ultimately these products will generate more revenue for the machines.

In December 2005 trials were started to determine the viability of healthier vending machines in education and leisure. The trials were carried out across 23 schools in the North of England from December 2005 to April 2006 and included water, fruit juice, smoothies and milk. During the trials the machines were put into the schools, sometimes alongside other drinks vendors. The results were overwhelming with an impressive uptake in sales from healthier drinks machines.



So, we can safely say that we can guarantee that your customers will love the products – we’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth!

Some useful comments made:


“They love the drinks, it’s good having the glass front so they can see what’s in stock” - Catering Manager


“We do love our smoothies and milkshakes, those are great if you are hungry” - Year 12 female pupil

“We’ve got a long morning so they need to be able to get something at breaktime. We considered a hatch, another outlet, but where, how do you staff it?” - Business Manager

“There’s a good variety of drinks and the pricing is a quite a range so it can suit those with less to spend” - Catering Manager

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